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Gillian Walter Leadership Coach

Gillian Walter-Holt

1969, PCC, B.ED ( Hons.)

Hello and a warm welcome to Inside-Out Coaching. I’m Gillian; your accredited coaching and reflective supervision partner for professional and personal empowerment and growth. Allow me to introduce myself and offer you an initial understanding of who I am, why I love doing what I do and how working in partnership with me could be the right solution for you.

I am originally English and struggled with being an ex-pat even though I have a Swiss husband. It doesn’t matter what your reasons and circumstances are, a big transition is always a challenging time – the difference between failure and success is how you choose to use that time. I chose to dedicate time to understanding what makes us all tick in these, and all challenging situations, and how to empower and support others to be the very best version of themselves, wherever they find themselves, whatever their background and whatever the situation.

I have been living and working on Lake Zürich since 2004 in English, Swiss-German & High-German. I began my career the old fashioned way working with a Canadian ice-hockey coach to bring coaching principles and culture into corporations for leaders and teams. I then studied for my coaching diploma with the IDC in Geneva, Narrative Coaching with the Moment Institute and Coaching Supervision with the CSA. I am a PCC Leadership & Life Coach, a Narrative Coach, a coaching supervisor, a reflective thinking partner, owner at Inside-Out Coaching in Küsnacht on Lake Zürich and member of the board for the Swiss International Coach Federation (ICF).

Apart from these basic details, perhaps the one thing you should know about me is that I am passionate about coaching and supervision being fun! After more than 50 years of life-lessons and self-development, coach-development and coach supervision-development, I have come to appreciate my inner child for her humour, energy, fun, open acceptance, easy connection and wide-eyed fascination for all that humanity has to offer and share. The artist in me is constantly close to the surface, spotting old story, belief- and habit patterns that colour our thinking and the lenses we view the world through and I love nothing more than getting imaginative, inventive and co-creating new concepts.

Everyone is different, even if situations are similar, and working together to reevaluate, mature and redefine the superpowers hiding within our Kryptonite holding us in the same, repeating pattern trajectory is so energising. Seeing the new, positive energy and assertiveness of someone who has taken control of their own, authentic narrative, with all the tools, understanding and resources necessary to live it with ease and happiness is what makes my work so wonderful and worthwhile. And when this includes working with coaches and leaders to support and empower how they are then working to support and empower others, well then, I officially have the best job in the world.


Although thinking I was feeling and doing totally fine, I did explore coaching upon recommendation of a friend as I went through some fundamental changes in my personal life. It turned out that there were some things to work on to make my life better!

Gillian’s company stood out already by the web search and after an initial personal meeting, I was sold. Her coaching style approaches life with a good balance of humour (British – I love it), positivity and seriousness.

As I came to Gillian for career coaching, she surprised me by starting working on my personal values. We connected and she helped me find myself again, in a down to earth practical way. I needed a focus on self-worth, personal values, taming of gremlins and re-connecting with my gut-feel.

No surprise anymore to me how interrelated this process is with professional happiness, and healthy relationships with your kids, family and friends.

Coaching is an investment in yourself, see it like an MOT, every so often a bit of maintenance is needed to keep running happily

Irene Zijlmans
Co-owner, HoCoSo

My Life Journey

I work with clients from all over the world to reach their fullest potential-it’s always greater than they expect! As my client you will get to know yourself inside-out; your values, your vision, your desires, your needs and your life. We work together with this insight for you to realign your inner compass, understand yourself, see the life around you from different perspectives, take full control and become the best and happiest ‘you’ you can possibly be.

Coaching has turned my life around to such an amazing extent that I wanted to learn more about it. Since studying and working as a coach myself, I am blown away daily by the effects coaching has on people; all kinds of people in all kinds of positions & situations:

New managers  Entrepreneurs, Public speakers, Artists , Career transitions, Ex-pats, Scientists, Teachers, CEOS & Leaders, Parents, Trainers, Professional sports people, Retirement,  New challenges,  MBA Students  & many more

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Why Choose Inside Out Coaching

Apart from all the usual benefits of coaching, working with Inside-Out Coaching offers simple, flexible support that fits coaching success around you and your needs.


  • Achievable action steps chosen by you.
  • The tools you need to achieve your goals.
  • Simple online booking and fixed fee structure.


  • 3 x 1hr sessions to fit your life and needs
  • Choose how, where and when you choose to be coached.
  • Tailor made to you, your personal goals & needs.


  • As and when you need it throughout the coaching period.
  • Motivation & accountability to suit your needs.
  • Planning, goal setting & review tools.

3 x 60 Minutes Sessions   |   2 x 90 Minutes Sessions   |   1 x 180 Minutes Session

At Inside-Out Coaching, you pay a standard monthly fee. This means you always know what to expect and can budget accordingly with no hidden surprises. This monthly fee also means that the support you need does not end when the session ends. I am there for you and remain your trusted partner for success throughout our coaching relationship, should you need additional support.

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What do you get from Coaching that you can’t get from a consultant, mentor or therapist?

  • As your coach, I empower you to get the most out of every aspect of your life. I will be your trusted partner and together we will work with patience, creativity and challenge in order to realise and develop your personal potential, growth, performance and success that you desire on your terms.
  • I will not be ‘the expert’-I will empower you and be your facilitator
  • I will not be a teacher or consultant-I will help you gain clarity through your own experience and learning process
  • I will not give you all the answers-I will encourage you to discover all possible options and find the solutions that work best for you

I will not tell you, “everything’s OK”-I will challenge you to be the absolute best that you want and can be.

What Sets ICF Credentialed Coaches Apart?

Anyone can call themselves a coach. ICF Credentialed Coaches are professional coaches who have met stringent education and experience requirements and have demonstrated a thorough understanding of the coaching competencies that set the standard in the profession.

Achieving credentials through ICF signifies a coach’s commitment to integrity, understanding and mastery of coaching skills and dedication to clients.

For more information on ICF Accredited Coaches, click here.

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